Venta de empresa: Opc drum printer drum Panafax XP5-

Printer opc drum


printer drum Panafax XP5-
1. printer drum Panafax XP5-
printer drum Panafax XP5- or Blue OEM color
3.opc with black or white gear
4.drum can be refilled for 2-3 times

We are a gold and trusted manufacture of toner chip (laser chip, reset chip, printer chip, toner cartridge chip, compatible chip) and a reseller of OPC drum, printer drum, Our website: We have some OPC drum as follows:


Company: Printer Color Technology Co.,
Address: Room 402,Unite 1,Building 22,Sheng Fu Da Yuan,Beijing Westroad No.69,Nanchang City ,Jiangxi Province,China
Tel: 86-0791-6207670 Fax: 86-0791-6207670
Mobile: 0086-15070080450
Post code: 330046
Skype: printercolorltd.chip
ICQ: 622-067-120
AlibabaTrade Manager: cn220023908
Website: and

OPC drum for Panafax
printer drum Panafax XP5-- Panafax UX745/755/755E
printer drum Panafax N24-- Panafax GX-3100
Panafax UG3313-- Panasonic panafax UF-550/650/850/770/880/885/895/DF1100/ UG3313
OPC drum Panafax UG3309-- Panafax UF-744/788 UG3309/3317
Panafax UG3350-- Panasonic panafax UF-585/595/UG3350(PB-1530)
OPC drum Panafax 84E--FL511/512/513

OPC drum for Apple
OPC drum refilled Apple 74A--Apple LaserWriter 300/310/320/4/600(PX)
OPC drum Apple 98A--Apple LaserWriter 16/1600PS/Pro600/630
OPC drum refilled Apple 75A--Apple LaserWriter MO188/NTP/SC, Personal LaserWriter LS/NT/NTP/SC
printer drum Apple 95A--Apple LaserWriter Ⅱ/M6000
OPC drum refilled Apple 00A--Apple LaserWriter Select 350

OPC drum for Minolta:

printer drum Minolta 75A-- QMS PS410/420/460
OPC drum Minolta 95A-- QMS PS 810/815/820/825
printer drum Minolta 09A--QMS 2425/2425EX,FX-1/2425 FX-2/2425EX
OPC drum refilled Minolta 00A--QMS PS 860/1660;
OPC drum refilled MinoltaSP302—Minolta 1100/W/1200/W/1300/W/1350;
OPC drum Minolta SP-302/PagePro 6e/6L/Pageworks 6e/6l/Fax 2500/3500/5500
OPC drum refilled Minolta NX-- QMS 1700/1725/PS1700/PS1725/1725SLS PS
OPC drum refilled Minolta LP8200-- Minolta SP1000/1500/1700/SP6;QMS1060
printer drum Minolta W810-- Minolta 270/280/290/310
OPC drum refilled Minolta N24-- QMS 3260/4032
OPC drum Minolta Q2200-- QMS 2200
OPC drum refilled Minolta LP9200-- Minolta SP A-310,Pageworks20,Page Pro 20;QMS2060
OPC drum refilled Minolta Q2300-- QMS 2300/2400

OPC drum for others:

printer drum Lasermaster 1000-4 AFM/KX,400/600
OPC drum Founder A200、280/280E/280P
printer drum Founder A5000
printer drum Troy 524;Interface System 9324
OPC drum Founder A306;Newgen Ps440/660;Genicom9080
OPC drum refilled Lenovo 880
printer drum Lenovo 1700/1800/800;
OPC drum refilled Founder210/220/230;
printer drum Lanier Fax 1210/12401260;Toshiba TK-18;
OPC drum Sharp FO-5500/5500/5600/6500/6550/6600;Ricoh Fax 1700L/Type 70;N
Interface System 9308;Fujitsu JFPRN603 Wang LDP-17; Alcatel v8376
OPC drum refilled Toshiba LBP-1080D
OPC drum Founder A5100/A5100N
printer drum DELL 1100
OPC drum refilled Gcc Elite 600/ET;Dec Declaser 3500M/N
OPC drum Lenevo 7500
printer drum Founder A6000/1210;Lenovo 4B/6C/6C;APTi Powerlaser E740H
OPC drum Lenevo 3116
OPC drum refilled Sharp JX-9200/DR92/AL-800/FO-2600/2800/3800
OPC drum Compaq LN32;Genlcom microlaser320;Dataproducts DDS32/40; Fujitusu OPC drum refilled LB303/306A
OPC drum refilled Lenevo 5500;Founder A6100/A6100U/A6100N
OPC drum Dell 1700
OPC drum refilled Lenovo 2312/2500
OPC drum DELL C3110
OPC drum refilled Lenevo C8000
OPC drum DELL 1600
OPC drum Apple XP5--Apple LaserWriter Select 360/610/300/310

OPC drum for Canon
printer drum Canon 06F-- Canon LBP-AX/350/440/460/465/660/800/1120/22X/EP-22,
OPC drum Laser Class 2060/3500/4000/4500/Canon FX3
printer drum Canon 15A-- CanonLBP-1210/3200/3210/FX8,EP-25/EP27, printer drum ImageClass D320/D340(S-35)/D380(cartridge W)
OPC drum Canon 96A-- CanonP100/LBP-32X/470/1310,EP-32,PC1060/1080F/ printer drum Image Class D620/660/680(cartridge N)
printer drum Canon 27X-- Canon Laser Class 3170/3175(FX6),
Canon LBP-1760/P370/52X
OPC drum Canon 03F-- Canon FX4; Canon Laser Class 9000; Canon LBP-VX
printer drum Canon 74A-- Canon LBP 4u/430/430W/PX/PXⅡ/P90,
OPC drum refilled Canon 98A-- Canon LBP-8Ⅳ/860 /LBP-EX
OPC drum refilled Canon 75A-- Canon LBP-Ⅳ/LX
OPC drum Canon 95A-- Canon LBP 8Ⅱ/8Ⅲ
OPC drum refilled Canon 29X-- Canon LBP-62X/1620/1820/840/850/880/910,EP-62
OPC drum refilled Canon 82X-- Canon LBP-950/1910/EP-72/Imageclass 4000,IR3250
OPC drum refilled Canon 09A-- Canon LBP-2460;LBP-WX
OPC drum refilled Canon 00A-- Canon LBP-BX/BXⅡ
OPC drum Canon JX--Canon LBP-JX/720/730/730PS/740/750/EPJ/JX Interface System 9308
OPC drum refilled Canon NX-- Canon LBP-NX/LBP-NX 600/P-170
printer drum Canon KX--Canon LBP-KX/EPK,Laser Class 8000,Laser Fax/FX-V
printer drum Canon 12A-- Canon LBP-2900/3000/3200/EP-26/catridge303/FX9/FX10
OPC drum refilled Canon 65X--Canon LBP-65X/1510/1710/1420
OPC drum refilled Canon 11A--Canon 6280K/6330K
printer drum Canon 49A--Canon LBP3300/3360(cartridge307/308/ 508)
OPC drum Canon 2600-- Canon LBP-5000
OPC drum refilled Canon 4600--Canon LBP-2510/5500,EP-85
OPC drum refilled Canon 16A--Canon LBP-3500/3900/3950(cartridge 509)
OPC drum Canon 88A-- Canon LBP-3100 , Canon IR1600/2000
OPC drum refilled Canon CP1215-- Canon LBP-5050

OPC drum for HP

printer drum Hp 06F-- HP 5L/5ML/LJ6L/6Lpro/6Lgold/6Lse/6LXI/6Pse/6PSI;
printer drum HP LJ1100/1100A/3100/3150/3150Se/Xi/3200/Se/M
printer drum hp15A-- HP LJ 1000/1005/1200/1220,3300/3310/3320/3330/3380
OPC drum hp 96A-- HP LJ 2100/N/TN/SE/XI; 2200/Dose/DT/DEN/DEN
printer drum hp 27X-- HP LJ 4000/N/T/TN,4050/N/T/TN/se
OPC drum hp 03F-- HP LJ 5P/5MP/6P/6MP
printer drum hp 74A-- HP LJ 4L/4ML/4P/4MP/FX2
printer drum hp 98A-- HP LJ 4/4M/4+/5/5N/5M
OPC drum hp 75A-- HP LJ ⅡP/ⅡP Plus/ⅢP/ⅢP MAC
printer drum hp 95A-- HP LJ Ⅱ/ⅡD/Ⅲ/ⅢD
printer drum hp 61X-- HP LJ 4100/N/TN/TEN
OPC drum hp 29X-- HP LJ 850/5000/N/GN/TN/DTN,5100
printer drum hp 82X-- HP LJ 8100/N/DN/8150/N/DN/HN/MFP;Mopier 320
OPC drum hp 09A-- HP LJ 5Si/5SiMX/5Si Mopier/5Si NX,HP-LJ8000/Mopier 240/WX
OPC drum refilled hp 00A-- HP LJ 4V/4MV
OPC drum refilled hp NX-- HP LJ3Si/4Si;
OPC drum refilled hp24A-- HP LJ 1150
OPC drum hp 13A-- HP LJ 1300/N/Se
OPC drum refilled hp 38A-- HP LJ4200/N/TN/DEN/DENS/4250         
OPC drum hp 39A-- HP LJ4300/N/TN/DEN/DENS/4345/4350
OPC drum refilled hp 44X-- HP LJ9000/N/DN/HNS/MFP/9050/n/dn             
OPC drum refilled hp 10A-- HP LJ2300/L/d/n/den/den                   
OPC drum refilled hp 12A-- HPLJ1010/1012/1015/1018/1020/1022/3015/3020/3030/ M1005/3050/3052/3055
OPC drum hp 11A-- HP LJ2400/2410/2420/2430
OPC drum refilled hp 49A-- HP LJ1320/1160/3390/3392
OPC drum refilled hp 16A-- HP LJ5200
OPC drum refilled hp 2600--HP Color LaserJet 1600/2600/2605
OPC drum hp 3500-- HP Color LaserJet 3500/3700
OPC drum refilled hp 4600-- HP Color LaserJet 4600/4650
OPC drum refilled hp 5500-- HP Color LaserJet 5500 /5550
OPC drum refilled hp 53X-- HP P2014/P2015 Series
OPC drum hp 51X-- HP P3005 Series,MFP 3027/3035
OPC drum refilled hp 36A--
HP LaserJet M1120/M1120N/M1522nf/M1522n/P1505/P1505N
OPC drum refilled hp 88A/35a-- HP LaserJet P1005/1006/1007/P1008
OPC drum hp CP1215-- HP Color LaserJet CP1215/CP1515n/CP1518ni/CM1312
OPC drum refilled hp CE285A-- HP P1102A
OPC drum refilled hp CE278A-- HP P1566/1606
OPC drum refilled HP 505X-- HP 2035/2055
OPC drum HP CE255A-- HP LaserJet Enterprise P3010/3015
OPC drum refilled HP CE255X-- HP LaserJet Enterprise P3010/3015
OPC drum refilled Hp 85A-- HP
Laserjet P1066/1100/1102/1560/1566/CE278A/CE285A
OPC drum HP 3600/3800 -- HP 3600/3800
OPC drum refilled hp364A--HP LaserJet P4014/4015/4515

OPC drum for Lexmark:
OPC drum Lexmark P8E--Lexmark Optra E310/E312/E312L
printer drum Lexmark 09A--Lexmark 4040/Optra N240/245
OPC drum Lexmark LE210--Lexmark Optra E210
printer drum Lexmark SP302--Lexmark Optra E /E+/Ep/Es/4026/4026A/B/D/E;
printer drum Lexmark LP8100--Lexmark W812
OPC drum Lexmark N24--Lexmark W820/N/DN/E
Lexmark E120--Lexmark E120
OPC drum refilled Lexmark T420--Lexmark T420/T430 -
OPC drum Lexmark E230--Lexmark E230/232/330/332/250
printer drum Lexmark -ML1710--Lexmark X215,RICOHAC104

OPC drum for Samsung:
Opc drum for SAMSUNG ML1010/1210/1250/1430
printer drum SAMSUNG ML1610/1625/1640K/1641K/1642K/2241K
printer drum SAMSUNG SCX-4321/4521/4725
printer drum SAMSUNG ML-2010/2510/2570/2571
printer drum SAMSUNG ML1510/1710/1740/1750
OPC drum SAMSUNG SCX-4016/4100/4200/4116/4126/4300K/4310K/4315K
opc drum refilled SAMSUNG ML-2250,SCX-4520/4720
OPC drum SAMSUNG ML-1910/1915/1916/2525/2580/2851DK/2855
printer drum SAMSUNG SCX-4824/4828, MLT-D209L
printer drum SAMSUNG ML-3050/3051/3471DK/3472NDK
OPC drum SAMSUNG ML-3560/3561/4050/4550
printer drum Samsusng P8E-- Samsung SF-5000
Samsung ML-200/250/1010/1210/1220/1250/1430/4300/4500/4600/SF550
OPC drum Samsung ML-1610/2010/2510/2570/2571N,SCX4321/4521/4725
printer drum Samsung ML8200/8250/8600/8650/8700
OPC drum Samsung ML2150/2151N/2152W/2550/2551N/2552W
printer drum Samsung ML3050/3051
printer drum Samsung ML-3560/3561N/3561ND/3562W
printer drum Samsung ML-2851/2852
drum SamsungSCX-4100/4200/4116/4216F;
printer drum Samsung ML-1440/1450/1650/1651N/6000/6060/6085/6160N/S
OPC drum Samsung ML5100/530
printer drum Samsung ML-2250/2251,SCF-4520/4720

OPC drum for Epson:

printer drum EpsonSP302—Epson LP-800/S/900/1200/1300/U/1800/1900/N/
printer drum Epson EPL-5500/W/5700/5800/5900/L/6100/L
printer drum Epson LP8100-- Epson LP-7700/8100/8700/8700 PS3/8900/EPL2120
OPC drum Epson LP8200--Epson LP-8200/8200PS/8300
drum Epson LP-8300S/8300F/8400FX/FXN/8600/F/FX/FXN/8300F/S/2010/1610/1210
OPC drum refilled Epson N24-- Epson LP-9600/EPL-N4000
OPC drum Epson LP9400-- Epson LP-9400
OPC drum refilled Epson N2300-- Epson EPL-1220;LP7100
printer drum Epson EP6200--Epson EPL6200/L
OPC drum Epson C2100--Epson C3800
OPC drum refilled Epson Q2200--Epson C1000/C2000
OPC drum refilled Epson LP9200-- Epson LP-9200/EPL-N2000/N2000
OPC drum Epson Q2300-- Epson Aculaser C900/C1900
OPC drum refilled Epson LP9300--Epson LP-9300/EPL-N2700/2750
OPC drum for Brother:

OPC drum refilled Brother 98A-- Brother HL-1260/1660(EX)
OPC drum Brother -75A--Brother HL-4/4PS/4V/4Ve/6/6V
OPC drum refilled Brother 95A-- Brother HL-8/8E/8PS-AP/8D-AP/8V/HL-10
printer drum BrotherB1240--DR400/DCP-1200/1400
drumHL-1230/1240/1250/1270/N/1440/1450/1470N/ MFC-8300/8600/8700/9700/9800;DR500/Brother
OPC drum HL-1650/N/1670/1850/1870N/ 5040/5050/LT/5070N/MFC-8420/8820D/DN

OPC drum for Pitney Bowes

OPC drum Pitney Bowes --XP5 Pitney Bowes 9700/9720/9750/9760
printer drum Pitney Bowes -- UG3313
OPC drum refilled PitneyBowes9900/9910/9920/9930/9950/2000/2030/2050;
OPC drum refilled DX-1000/DX-2000
printer drum Pitney Bowes UG3309--Pitney Bowes 9800/9820/9830
OPC drum Pitney Bowes UG3350--Pitney Bowes 1530

OPC drum for Xerox:

printer drum Xerox 95A-- Xerox 6R902
OPC drum Xerox P8E-- Xerox DocuPrint P8e/ex; Xerox WorkCentre 385/390
printer drum Xerox LE210--Xerox Phaser 3110
OPC drum refilled Xerox NX-- Xerox 6R901
OPC drum Xerox XP5-- Xerox 4505/4510/4520/PS;Fuji-Xerox 5/10/P1
printer drum Xerox LP8100--Xerox Docu Print 210/211
printer drum Xerox LP8400-- Xerox Docu Print N2025/2825
OPC drum Xerox XE60-- Xerox XE60/62/80/82/84/90fx;P8
OPC drum refilled Xerox N24--Fuji-Xerox 128/Hodaka 2/ABLE3401;
OPC drum Xerox Docu Print N24/N32/N40/N4525/DX/CX/FN
printer drum Xerox ML2150-- Xerox Phaser 3450
OPC drum PHC-ML1650--=Xerox Phaser 3400b/3400N/Docuprint P1210
OPC drum refilled PHC-ML1710--Xerox Phaser 3115/3116/3120/3121/3130,PE16
OPC drum refilled PHC-ML1610--Xerox Phaser 3117/3122,PE220
OPC drum refilled PHC-C2100--Xerox C2100
OPC drum refilled PHC-ML3050--XEROX 3428
OPC drum PHC-ML2250--Xerox Phaser 3150/Xerox PE 120

OPC drum for Digital Copier:

OPC drum SharpAL-1000/1010/1041/1200/1220/1240/1250/1521/1631/1641/1651;
drum refilled Xerox WC XD100/102/103F/105F/125/130/130F/155F/155DP/152/153/158
OPC drum refilled Sharp AR-160/161/163/N/200/201/N/205/206/207, Sharp AL-1600/AL-2000,SF-1818/1820
drum Canon GP-200/210/215/300/335/400/405/IR330/400/2200/2800/3300/NPG-18
OPC drum refilled Canon GP-25/55/55Ⅱ/30
OPC drum Canon IR-1600/2000
OPC drum refilled Toshiba Studio168/158/169/208/209/258/259
OPC drum refilled Minolta Di152/159/162/183/1611/2011;
OPC drum Konica 7115/7118/7216/7220/7516/7521/7616/7622
OPC drum refilled Ricoh Aficio220/270/1015/1018/1113/2015/2018/P/1115P/Ricoh NX800;
OPC drum refilled Gestetner 3222/3227;Savin 9922DP/9927DP;IBM 3812
drumCanonPC/FC210/230/245/300/310/320/325/330/L/355/400/420/430/530/ 550/710/720/730/740/745/770/775/790/795/920/921/950/980/981/ 990(E16/20/30/31)
OPC drum refilled Ricoh NX600/610/700/710(Type 700),
OPC drum Aficio 180(Type 185),
OPC drum refilled Aficio AP2000/2100;Casio CP3900/7400/7500(CP-DTC5);
OPC drum refilled Fujitu LB-313
OPC drum refilled Ricoh Aficio 200/250
OPC drum Sharp AR-255/275/276,AR271
OPC drum refilled Xerox WorkCentre 315/320/415/420 /w518
OPC drum refilled Minolta Di250/350/351/451/2510/3510;
OPC drum refilled Lexmark w810
OPC drum Sharp AR-255E/275E/276E,AR271E
OPC drum refilled Canon 2016/2020
OPC drum refilled Xerox DocuCentre 286/236/156


De 250.001 a 500.000  $


330046 Delta Amacuro (Venezuela)

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Año de constitución: 20000000
Ventas anuales: De 400.001 a 500.000 $
Núm. de empleados: De 50 a 249
EBITDA: De 200.001 a 300.000 $
Valor de activos inmobiliarios: 300.000.000.000 $
Beneficios netos último año: De 300.001 a 400.000 $
Beneficios último año:

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