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Impressive field of more than 20,000 square meters, equipped with a project and all of the licenses in order to begin building.
It's an ambitious project in the best area of the city of Marrakech (Morocco), located in the Avenue Mohamed vI. This macro-project is a joint project, which includes a hotel with 5 star, duplex, a great shopping area, choosing a joint concept of wide open and closed, on the one hand shopping centres on the other hand, on squares public, in order to reconcile an urbanity of quality and limitations of ugly design.
underground, in which this planned a Bowling of 12 tracks, a club night and a fitness centER.
the large capacity parking, has three levels, - 3, - 6, - 9 for a total of approximately 19.800 parkings.
As you can see, is a project for big investors or set of them, seeking to get a good profitability, in a country that will have a great growth in the next 10 years.




London (Gran Bretaña)

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